New Construction Condos & Lofts
The developers of many new construction lofts and condos fail to advertise their units in the Multiple Listing Service.  I don't know why because it would open their sales to a much broader market of people like yourself that use the MLS to search for their next home. 
Until now, you had to drive around town and look for signs on new construction to find out about these great properties.  Now, there is a great resource that consolidates the information into one website which I have provided below for your convenience.
All of these developers have budgeted to pay a commission to realtors for bringing buyers who purchase units from them.  These smart buyers realize that without a buyer's representative they must go through the entire process on their own relying on the developer for all their advice.  Why anyone would forego having their own agent who looks out for their interests throughout the negotiations, the walk through inspections and the settlement process, I'll never know - especially when it doesn't cost them anything to have a realtor of their own!
So, if you're in the market for a new condo, the website below will be an excellent resource.  But, its important to also keep watching your searches on my website for units that are listed in the MLS.  And, be sure to let me know if you are interested in any of the condos or lofts shown on the website so I can contact them and represent your interests!!
Have fun searching for your next condo or loft!

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